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Asphalt Lutes
36" Lute with 7 ft. handle ..$54.95
With reflective tape Sawhorse type..$85.00
Barricade Light
flashing with photocell on/off..$32.95
Barricade Tape
3" X 1000' Caution & Danger..$9.50
Ear Plugs
disposable..$.50 ea. (box of 200...$40.95)
Ear Protectors
3 position band nrr 25db ansi 33.19-1974..$14.00 & $8.00
Face Sheild
head band type..$10.95 hard hat type..$12.00
First Aid Kits
30 peice, for 15 to 20 personnel..$21.95 - $58.00
30 min. spikless ($2.88 ea.) (1/4 gross..$98.99)
Fuel Cans
(plastic 2.5 gal..$6.50)(plastic 5 gal..$7.95)(metal safety 5 gal..$69.95)
Glasses, Safety
many types from..$3.50 to $20.00
many types of work gloves. call for info.
clear fogless lens..$3.50
Hard Hats
orange,white,yellow,red,blue,green (omega II..$10.20) (Wide Brim 13.05)
Hard Hat Liner
wingard liner..$3.90 fleeced liner(short..$5.00, long..$6.00)
Harness, Parachute
full body harness with "D" rings..$80.00
Highway Warning Triangles
reflective plastic, box of 3..$19.50, Aluminum $14.00, Decal $8.00
6 ft. conditioned rope with snap hooks..$38.70
Marking Paint
White,blue,yellow,green,black 20 oz. can, 12 cans per case $5.25 ea.
Paint Applicators
(32" marking stick..$28.00)
Rain Boots
Yellow, 17" high, worn over shoes, sizes 8 to 15..$14.40
Rain Suits
Yellow,3-peice(jacket,pants and hood),med,large or X large..$16.00
Dust type, call.
Safety Fence
Orange plastic (4'x 100'..$44.00), Silt Fence (36" x 100'..$28.00)
Safety Flags
(18"x 18" on 24" staff..$3.20)(24"x 24" on 36" staff..$5.65)
Safety Vest
(joggers w/reflec. strip..$8.40)(plain..$4.80)(3M reflec..$12.50)(construction style..$13.50)
Sand Blast Hood
complete with bumpcap,lens and screen..$68.25
Signs, Work
(Men Working,Road Closed ect.)Orange mesh 48"x 48"..$49.95ea. (w/stand..$119.95)
Silt Fence
3 ft. X 100 ft. with stakes..$28.00
Slow Moving Emblem
Fannie Flag,(aluminum..$14.00)(decal..$8.00)
Stop Slow Paddle
26" plastic with 2 peice 60" handle..$89.50
Surveyors Marking Flags
2 1/2 "x 3 1/2" on 30" wire staff(bundle of 100..$8.50)
Surveyors Tape
(orange 1 1/4'x 150'..$1.75)(green,white,red,blue 1 1/4x 300'..$1.75)
Doo Rags
Traffic Cones
qty discount available, orange(12"..$4.75)(18"..$6.00)(28"..$10.20)(36"..$13.40)
Traffic Paint
white or yellow 17 oz. cans $5.82 each
Traffic Paint Applicator
Utility Probe
Warning Light
magnetic base with lighter plug,(steady burn..$69.99)(strobe..$92.48)
Wide/Oversize Load Sign
8' x 18" with 5' ropes..$29.95
Water Coolers
Rubbermaid, Gott Insulated (5 gal..$39.30)(10 gal..$65.75)

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